What is MUNcraft?

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Since we cannot meet in person and often MUN over video conferencing can be quite static, we thought it would be interesting to merge a well-known game and the debate simulation of MUN into MUNcraft. MUNcraft is a way you can develop your interpersonal and communication skills while also creating a more immersive and exciting environment, by utilizing Minecraft. We have worked hard to create a space for not only debating but also making friends, playing games and having fun. We want to be something that people of all MUN levels can enjoy and learn from. We hosted our first demo committee as a part of IMMUNE 7 and hope it will lead to a bright future for MUNcraft! For debating, we will Use effectively the same RoP as normal IOMUN, with a few alterations.  Of Course, there will be some other differences, which can be explained in our Introduction documents! 

As a part of IOMUN 7, we trialled MUNcraft as a GA ECOSOC committee discussing ‘the issue of animal cruelty in Minecraft. After a slow start, the committee got into full swing with delegates, chairs and staff utilising our beautiful debating chamber built by the secretariat on our MUNcraft server. In amongst hard debate and resolution writing there was still time for plenty of fun including a number of games including a very intense build battle! Of course, the committee would not have been complete without an epic crisis update; in a midst of resolution writing in the committee, Notch the creator of Minecraft was kidnapped! Extreme animal rights activists attempt to forcibly make him alter the game. Shortly after the news broke the delegates were hard at work trying to find a solution and even managed to locate a notch on the server during an unmoderated caucus! After the murder of the delegate of Mexico and the appearance of the delegate of Israel the delegates passed a resolution to send a task force including the MOSSAD to rescue notch. However, as the operation got underway, notch fell out of the world before they could rescue him! We hope this gave you an exciting insight into the events that occurred during the first-ever MUNcraft, we would also like to share with you some words from our attendees;

“My first experience with moderating MUNcraft was very enriching! It taught me to deal with a lot of issues on the fly and I had to make sure to be available and engaged the whole way through (which was an endurance test itself!). It tested my abilities to communicate as well as to multitask to keep things running smoothly -- It was hectic, but at the end of the day, it allowed me a sense of accomplishment. The members were welcoming and were more than happy to point me in the right direction.”

- Naiib, MUNcraft Moderator 


“MUNcraft is an amazing experience and is so fun and innovative!”

 - Idan, MUNcraft Head-Chair


My first hand experience as a secretariat member and a delegate in the first ever edition of MUNcraft, was an overall fulfilling one. Witnessing the integration of conventional MUN Simulation with a graphical representation, was very exciting.  Understanding the basics of the conference was quite overwhelming at the beginning, but thanks to the impeccable briefing from the Chairs and cooperation from the fellow  Delegates, things turned out to be really enjoyable.

 - Omkaar, MUNcraft Delegate and Academics team member 

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MUNcraft, an IOMUN original innovation, takes Model UN to the next dimension- a space where delegates can perceive the impact of their directives, where they enter into an adrenaline-pumping virtual circumstance. MUNcraft as a Committee is quite unique and has very bright future prospects. Providing a way to integrate conventional MUN Simulations with a graphical interface, MUNcraft can perhaps be the future of all Crisis committees. IOMUN 8 will be the starting point for this, for our second MUNcraft we will be initiating a crisis based on the American Civil War in a confederacy cabinet. We hope to bring this crisis to life through our Minecraft platform and each crisis update of action will be accompanied by live actions on the server!