IOMUN Conference

1. What platform will we be using?

IOMUN will be using Zoom. We may also use MUNPAL as a secondary platform.

2. How can I sign up?

Right here on our website

3. Are the IOMUN ROPs different from in-person MUN?

Yes. The IOMUN RoP can be found here.


4. I'm a beginner. Can I participate?

Of course! IOMUN is open to all delegates of all levels of experience.


5. When is the deadline for signing up?

All may sign up until the IOMUN conference or until delegate spots fill up. In theory, you can sign up until the day before but that’s less time to prepare.


6. When will I receive my assignment?

Assignments should arrive up to a week before the conference.


7. Who can participate at IOMUN?

IOMUN is an inclusive organization that welcomes participants from all over the world both as delegates and staff.
On the staff level, IOMUN is aware that some countries do not have good relations with one another. As it could be an issue to be visibly seen on staff with members of countries with strained relations, IOMUN policy to try and put such staff members on separate administrative teams.


8. Are there scholarships

IOMUN has scholarships available for delegates who need them. Write to us for more information!

IOMUN Society

1. What is the IOMUN Society?

SocIOMUN is a global MUN society that meets weekly online with the goal of bringing together highly motivated students to improve their MUN skills through classes from experts, mentoring programs, hang out time, online conference creation, project time and media development.

2. How can I sign up?

Right here on our website

3. When is IOMUN Society?

Every Sunday, 6-8PM GMT + 2

4. What is the SocioMUN media team?

SocioMUN aims to combine the talents and experience of our global MUN membership to create quality media and make it available to audiences around the world.

Ambassador MUN Online Free Workshops

1. Do participating students need to prepare anything?

No. The just need to fill out 1 country ticket and show up at the Zoom event on time.

2. How does my student choose a committee?

There are no committees for MUN 101, 102, 103 or 104. All participants are in the same large virtual room.

3. How many students can participate?

Our virtual classroom​ holds 99 participants. We usually have 85% students with the rest of the space reserved for teachers, guests and staff.

4. Can students choose more than one country?

Technically yes but they should not. FIlling out more than one country ticket will result in the country not being open for another delegate. Students should also not check out with "teacher" or "guest" tickets.

5. Who gets a "teacher" or "guest" ticket?

A teacher who has students in the MUN class should get a teacher ticket. Other non participates should get "guest" tickets.

6. If my students can't make one of the MUN 101 dates, what should we do?

We will have more MUN intro sessions. Hopefully your students can make it to a later date.

7. What if I want additional MUN programming beyond the 4 workshops?

Ambassador MUN has additional MUN programs. Contact us at and we'll get back to you!