New to the world of MUN? If so, jump on a call with our team. There are many ways for you and your students to engage with MUN; explore together with our team and chart a course that’s best for you.

Our goal is to broaden the field and make Model United Nations more accessible to students everywhere. MUN is a powerful learning tool and experience for students of all levels. We work to partner with teachers who share our vision of making active learning through MUN part of their classes' culture.

Model UN Classes

Start your students’ MUN journey with MUN 101. Learn about MUN, the UN, MUN Rules of Procedure, speech writing, research, resolution writing and a final simulation. Continue with advanced workshops which will hone skills for winning awards at MUN conferences such as negotiation, lobbying and critical thinking.

This year we offer a unique opportunity to participate in free online introductory workshops to empower students and expose new teachers to MUN. Contact us to register or learn about scheduling and participation.

Our Introductory Programs


Model UN Bootcamp

  • Intro to Model UN (90mins)

An introduction to the world of Model UN. Learn the history and mission of the United Nations, how Model United Nations works and the life changing skills that you will develop throughout the course..

  • Rules of Procedure Walkthrough (90mins)

Learn the MUN rules of procedure during a guided walkthrough, focused on teaching parliamentary procedure in an engaging and informative way.

  • Speech Writing (90mins)

Get acquainted with the formula for policy-oriented speechwriting. Learn how to convey a strong and clear message in 60 seconds.

  • Research (90mins)

Acquire the tools to find relevant information without getting distracted. Understand what information is needed to find a countries position or come up with a policy. Learn how to convert that research into real time information.

  • Resolution Writing (90mins)

Learn the rules and considerations when writing a United Nations resolution. Understand the structure of clause and the role of the different parts of MUN resolutions. 

  • Simulation Preparation (90mins)

Guided preparation for the final simulation.

  • Simulation (3hrs)

Use all the MUN tools and skills you’ve acquired throughout a full, multi-hour, MUN simulation.


Conferences are the centerpiece of Model UN. Students role play as diplomats to find solutions for global issues. During the multi-hour simulation, students give speeches, form coalitions and draft their ideas as resolutions to be voted on at the end of the simulation. Every MUN conference offers multiple leadership roles and gives many students the chance to hone their skills and shine through the duration of the simulation.

Our conferences are open sign up, for teams or individual students. IOMUN conferences take place every few months, with students participating from around the world as delegates, chairs, or secretariats. 


If you advise an existing Model UN team, we also have the capacity to support your own conferences online, through traditional video conferencing software or custom made platforms. The IOMUN team provides support, staff and conference management to create new conferences or to help you move previously planned in-person conferences online.

Advanced Model UN

In these sessions we expand on topics from Model UN 101 and workshop them in greater depth. Master Classes run 2+ hours, over one or multiple meetings.