Bring MUN into your school online!  These classes are a great way for students to engage remotely and practice advanced academics from home.  Classes prepare groups and students to participate in conferences utilizing English, Speech Writing, Debate, Research and Diplomacy giving participants a real place to demonstrate their intellect in  a creative peer driven activity.

International Online Model United Nations (IOMUN) is for ambitious students interested in developing strong interpersonal and communication skills along with critical thinking and a better understanding of diplomacy and international relations. If you have some experience with debate or MUN, this is an opportunity to take your skills to the next level. If you are curious and learning about MUN for the first time jump in and get started!

MUN 101 is a 12 hour program for high school classrooms to learn the fundamental theory, practice that includes a simulation.  

Advanced MUN take students a step further into refining and enhancing debate and negotiation tactics, leadership and coalition building and technical resolution drafting with more hands on practice.

Model UN 101

iomun teacher training

In our courses you will:
- Be introduced to MUN, with its protocols and lingo
- Learn about current events and international relations
- Develop debate skills
- Sharpen your persuasive writing
- Practice public speaking  
- Engage in interactive simulations
- Learn about UN procedure
- Connect with participants from across the world
- Learn from, and develop relationships with, a staff of master educators in the field

Advanced MUN

iomun teacher training

Deep Dives
$35 per participant, per two hour session. Extended courses are priced accordingly. 
In these sessions topics from Model UN 101 are presented and workshopped in greater depth. Deep Dive sessions run 2+ hours, over one or multiple meetings.